Wood Prints

Select any image you would like to have printed onto a premium sheet of birch wood, giving a professional and one-of-a-kind look to your new wall decor. With a more rustic look, the texture and extra layer of depth in the wood will give the artwork on your printed piece an incredible yet natural appearance.

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We will create a sculpted feel for your image as we produce a wooden print for you with either a matte or glossy finish. This material is designed to last without fading or having a loss of color, and we will ensure that every print is unique from one another thanks to the grain of the birch wood. Your photograph will be directly printed onto the durable wood, giving character and a unique style while adding extra depth and a rustic feel to your artwork.


  • Each print is distinct from one another as the wood’s texture remains visible thanks to the grain and texture of our printing materials
  • Distinctive natural wood look mixes with the image to create a special individual product if directly printed onto the birch canvas
  • Certain features of the wood can enhance details and colors of the original image to create a unique combination

1/4" Birch

All our plywood is made in a 2-step process that results in a strong, flat panel calibrated for uniform thickness. First, we produce the core panel, graded for quality and then calibration sanded ensuring a smooth and even thickness.

1/2" Birch

Cut for convenience and creativity, this panel features clean, smooth, natural birch woodgrain on both the front and back faces.

Full Color With White Ink: There will be no wood grain that shows through. The image will print clearly onto the wood with a matte finish.

Full Color Without White Ink: The wood grain will show through, and how much grain shows through is dependent on the colors. For example, the darker colors have less of a chance of showing the wood grain underneath it while lighter colors are more likely to see it coming through. This will have a matte finish over the piece.


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