Acrylic Prints

A modern reinvention of a classic idea brought to fruition, and to your own personal or work space. Images printed onto our acrylic sheets have color that give a clean, remarkable look that will catch everyone’s eye. The sleek yet rich image will last longer than most prints, giving your custom space years with a distinct and timeless masterpiece.

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Our acrylic prints are vibrant and glossy in appearance, with an acrylic sheet that the image itself and printed onto with the latest high-quality printers. The photograph you give us is printed onto high quality paper that is then bonded to the backsides of acrylic sheet with our special UV inks, which provides UV protection to your image. The finished product allows for light to reflect through it and onto the image, creating a spectacular effect that highlights and sharpens the image inside while also giving it a 3D effect. 


  • Durability, last for years due to material, can withstand more damage, shatter-proof, lighter than most other prints, UV ray protection, waterproof, last longer than most (may have chipped edges but the main piece will stay in-tact)
  • Ease of cleaning in comparison to other pieces: you just need to get a cleaning product, similar to those that work on glass, to remove the dust and filth that may accumulate over time
  • Vibrant, eye-catching colors are captured since the light reflected through the print does not go through the printed image, but the surrounding transparent material, which allows for details and contrast to pop and shine compared to other types of prints
  • This product’s materials are light compared to others like it, which allows for easy transport and readjusting without fear of accidentally dropping and ruining the print

Full Bleed: Bleed refers to that extends to the edge of the acrylic sheet. Another way to think of it is that the ink “bleeds” to the edge.

2” Clear Border: A clear, transparent border around the image that frames the print, like the frame you put a picture into that is naturally placed around the edges. Think of it as a natural picture frame for your product. 


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